Sunday, 7 February 2010

Haiti and Heart

Speaking of fundraisers...the Paris Fitness fundraiser was a success on 6 February. Thanks to a great group of fitness fans, the expat community and the American Church, we raised 1300 euros to give to GOAL, who were one of the first aid agencies in Port-au-Prince.

Hearts for Haiti is another kind of fundraiser, again at the American Church, 19h, Friday 12 February. It's a jazz and gospel concert, with Paris legends Archie Shepp and Bobby Few, along with singer Joan Minor and poet Moe Seager.

And here's the 3rd event at the ACP, on Saturday 13 February, not a fundraiser, just an awareness-raiser: S.O.S. 101, an introduction to emergency care. From 11h-13h, I'll be presenting an overview of how to react in an emergency, including what numbers to call and a look at CPR, rescue breathing and helping a choking victim. We'll have hands-on practice and lots of Q&A. Everyone is welcome!

And I bet you thought the American Church was only open on Sundays...


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