Sunday, 26 October 2008

DV8 - To Be Straight With You

I got to one Festival d'Automne event so far this year, thanks to my friend and theatre critic Molly Grogan. It was the punchy, innovative performance by British theater-dance company DV8 - but go to the Paris Voice site and read her excellent review. Except she forgot to complain that the show started 5 minutes early, to the dismay of the 60 or so people who arrived together from the Creteil metro station exactly on time and had to wait 20 minutes to get seated...little enough to complain about in these days of juggling recession/inflation, Obama/McCain, polar bears/SUVs.

If you like Molly's review, see more at

Sunday, 19 October 2008

To everything there

Turn, turn, turn - it's the season for change, and not just in the colour of the chestnut leaves or global economies. Got a new pair of glasses, gained a clean new vision, none of the scratches and scars from the old ones, beloved as that view was. Amazing how long we can hang on to our comfortable if sometimes flawed ideas and habits. Took a new friend to push me into a new look, but unabashed self-interest got me into taking a course last week in InDesign, helped to shake up the immobility of what-next after breaking off with both Meetic Man and the OECD Observer.

So what next? Why not more training - who doesn't love learning new things, new skills? Will polish skills on Photoshop, watch some free training videos from the IDEA fitness conference last summer, learn how to spiff up my fitness website, try to understand the mysterious process of publishing at OECD, and why not spend some time in Rome or Pisa or Naples, and strengthen my Italian.

Nice saying came up the other day: if you rest, you rust! Get out the oil...