Sunday, 13 July 2008

Morocco mileage

It is another adventure on another continent, going from a ministerial meeting in Seoul to a road trip around Morocco. Presently at an Internet cafe in a little town south of Fez, Sefrou, camping with my Internet friend and his (grownup) kids, heading slowly towards the Atlas mountains. Lots of small adventures, from the drive down through Spain to the heights of the rock of Gibraltar, a lovely evening in Tarifa, and the ferry ride to Tangier, where we couldn't stop for long because we couldn't lock the car because the window wouldn't roll back down.
We stayed with a Moroccan family in Rabat for two nights, participated in a musical therapy rite, got my fortune told, and have bargained in the souks in Meknes and Fes. We have visited the only mosque in Morocco that is open to non Muslims, and toured royal palaces and roman ruins. Fantastic stuff, and we still have two more weeks!
Photos to come...