Monday, 13 April 2009

Easter 09

What fun at the American Church Easter morning! The works - trumpets, bells, the choir, big organ sound, magnificent music - Fred Gramann (music director) is a genius. Enjoyed doing the reading, participating in both services - and just a week ago I was jumping up and down waving flags at the US prez. Oh my, what ever happened to the fun I used to have as a hippie anarchist in the 70s?!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Obama 5 months later, Prague

Synchronisticity - here I am in Prague, excited because I've got an invitation to the Obama bash at the Prague Castle on Sunday, hope to make up for missing him at Grant Park in Chicago.

Prague is great, sunny, warm, what a beautiful city in April. And guess what, just tasted a lovely Czech muscat wine, peachy and fresh, yum. Yes, the beer is easy to drink, lots of mellow honey flavour and especially good for post-tourism fatigue. But I may bring home a bottle or two of wine after all...